Hanjii (Dead)

Hulking Shugenja

Ring Physical Trait Mental Trait
Air 2 Reflexes 3 Awareness 2
Earth 3 Stamina 4 Willpower 3
Fire 2 Agility 3 Intelligence 2
Water 2 Strength 2 Perception 2
Void 2

School/Rank: Stamina Hero/1 Glory: 1
Insight: Unspent XP: 14 Kharma: 0

Initiative: 3k2 Natural TN/Armored TN: 20/23 Natural Reduction/Armored: 0/2
Attack (Kanobo): 4k3 Damage: 4k3
Attack (Earth Becomes Sky): 5k3 vs. TN 15 Damage: 3k3


  • Athletics (1) 4k3
  • Defense (1) 3k2
  • Heavy Weapons (1) 4k3
  • Spears (1) 4k3
  • Hunting (1) 3k2
  • Lore: Theology (1) 3k2
  • Spellcraft (1) 3k2

Advantages: Seven Fortunes’ Blessing: Jurojin’s Blessing [Spiritual](4 Points), Large [Physical](6 Points), Servant of the Fortunes [Spiritual](8 Points), Strength of the Earth [Physical](3 Points), Quick Healer [Physical](3 Points)

Disadvantages: Gullible [Mental](4 Points), Lord Moon’s Curse [Spiritual](7 Points)

Possessions: Tribal Armor, hide/fur clothing, travel pack, Kanobo, stone knife.

Wound Level Total Penalties
Healthy 24 (+0)
Nicked 32 (+0)
Grazed 40 (+2)
Hurt 48 (+7)
Injured 56 (+12)
Crippled 64 (+17)
Down 72 (+37)
Out 80 Dead

Special Abilities/Emphasis

  • Gullible: Opponents using Sincerity (Deceit) gain a +1k1 bonus to their roll.
  • Large: I gain a 1k0 bonus to Damage Rolls when using Large weapons, and in Contested Strength Rolls against smaller opponents.
  • Stamina Hero Technique: I gain additional Wounds per Wound Rank equal to my Stamina Trait Rank. I gain the mechanical effects of “Quick Healer”, cumulative with the Quick Healer Advantage. Any Skill Roll that uses Stamina and any Stamina Trait Rolls gain a bonus of +1k0.
  • Quick Healer (With Stamina Hero Bonus applied): I recover Wounds, my Stamina is considered to be 4 Ranks Higher.
  • JuroJin’s Blessing: I gain a +2ko bonus when rolling to resist the effects of a disease or poison. If my character ages to a point where he would normally have to take the “Old” Disadvantage, he does not have to take it. If my character ages to a point where he would have to take the “Venerable” Disadvantage, he instead only takes the “Old” Disadvantage.
  • Strength of the Earth: The TN penalties I suffer from Wound Ranks are reduced by 3.
  • Servant of the Fortunes: I can spend a Void Point as a Free Action to gain and additional +0 Wound Rank.

Hanjii (Dead)

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