Called Shots

Arm (Earth x 5 Wounds to maim)

  • Deep gash – Target suffers a -1k0 penalty to Damage Rolls resulting from attacks with that arm.
  • Loose grip on weapon – no skill dice on attacks. Must spend one action to regain proper grip.
  • Lose all feeling from arm – Dice from Attack Rolls made with that arm do not explode.
  • Maimed – Mauled or severed limb. Lose hand, forearm or arm. Missing Limb Disadvantage.

Foot (Earth x 3 Wounds to maim)

  • Can’t support any weight – roll three less dice on any balance rolls
  • Pinned – cannot move until weapon is removed
  • Fall – end this turn prone
  • Maimed – Lose toes or foot. Lost Limb disadvantage

Hand (Earth x 3 Wounds to maim)

  • Deep gash – target’s attacks roll one less die for damage
  • No grip – Drop anything held in that hand. May not use hand for any actions for 3 turns
  • Lose all feeling from hand – considered unskilled on attacks (no Raises, no re-rolling 10′s)
  • Maimed – Lose several fingers, thumb, or entire hand. Missing Limb Disadvantage

Head (Earth x 4 Wounds to maim)

Blackout- Target loses next action. Normal TN to be hit (Target may not declare Full Defense).

Blood in eyes- TN to be hit reduced by 5. Must spend one full turn (at reduced TN) to clear vision.

Dazed- -6 on Initiative. Penalty decreases by one each turn until gone.

Critical!- Take additional Wounds equal to the next highest die of damage (Damage Roll now keeps an extra die).

Maimed- Lose an eye (Single Eye disadvantage) or horrible scarring (equivalent to Benten’s Curse).

Leg (Earth x 7 Wounds to maim)

Bloody gash- Lose and additional Wound at the beginning of each turn.

Can’t support full weight- Roll one less die on Full Defense rolls.

Limping- Reduce movement speed by half.

Stumble- Automatically lose initiative (declare first, act last) next turn.

Maimed- Mauled or severed limb. Lose foot, calf, or leg. Lame disadvantage.

Torso (Earth x 8 Wounds to maim)

Painful injury- Lose one die on all Skill Rolls next two turns.

Stunned/winded- -3 on Initiative Roll next turn.

Losing blood- Lose an additional Wound at the end of each turn target declares an attack.

Vitals hit- Take additional wounds equal attacker’s weapon skill.

Maimed- Grievously injured (disemboweled or punctured lung). Permanent Wound Disadvantage. Take 3 Wounds from bleeding instead of 1.

Called Shots

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