Before the Five Rings

Asura's Wrath
The Last of the Kohaku

Some months after being taken in by the Seppun, Kojiro was out with a small group of hunters when they spotted another group on the plains. After observing the other group’s urgent pace, the hunting party realized that there were armed pursuers chasing the first group. Gazing across the grassy plain, Kojiro recognized one of the pursuers as Akuya, the betrayer of their old tribe.

Speaking with Akagi’s son, Hiro, he managed to convince the young Seppun that they should lay an ambush for the pursuers, who were almost certainly Noriaki. Stealthily placing themselves in the path of the two groups, Kojiro and the Seppun waited until the Noriaki were almost upon them. Just before the pursuers could fall upon their prey, the hunting party from Seppun Hill rose out of the tall grass and fired arrows at the aggressors.

Within moments, the group fleeing the Noriaki was safe, and Hiro had spoken with their leader, Katashi. The intimidating warrior explained that they were some of the last members of the Tribe of Kohaku. Just like Kojiro’s smaller tribe, the Kohaku were attacked by the Noriaki and nearly wiped out. Hiro agreed to bring them the rest of the way to Seppun Hill, and let them petition his parents to shelter the Kohaku survivors.

As they trekked back towards Seppun Village, Kojiro could not help but notice one of the Kohaku; a pretty young woman carrying a spear. Although he had already built and lost a family once, the sight of this (much) younger woman left him keenly aware of his own solitary existence. The journey back to the village gave him several opportunities to aid the refugees, and Kojiro found himself spending much more time than necessary around the pretty spear-carrier. He learned her name, Ayane, of her people’s misfortune, and her own more personal loss. With her, he shared the story of his own tribe’s downfall, and the hope he and Kenji had found with the Seppun.

Once the leaders of the Seppun agreed to shelter the last few Kohaku, Katashi asked for assistance searching out the few Kohaku warriors who had gone after the prisoners taken by the Noriaki. Kojiro volunteered to guide those who went on the mission, as the lands they would be crossing were those his own tribe had once inhabited. He left Kenji under the care of the Seppun, instructing him to be as helpful as possible to the Kohaku refugees while he was away.

After many days of travel, they finally came to a river that divided the plains. There, group from Seppun Village spotted the warriors they sought across the water. They were being pursued by a group of Noriaki lead by the witch, Nishang. The river was to broad and the current too strong where they were, so both groups agreed to meet downstream at a ford. However, by the time Kojiro’s group made it to them, the witch had already caught up with them. Before those from Seppun Hill could arrive to offer aid, a mighty Kohaku warrior named Asura had slew the witch in single combat!

Background of Kojiro
No Rokugan for Old Men

Kojiro was born on a holy day of Jurojin, the Fortune of Longevity, and his life was favored by said Fortune for many years. He married at the age of sixteen, already a rising hunter amongst his tribe. By the time his eldest son, Koru, fathered a child, Kojiro was the hunt-leader of his tribe. Though the winters were growing harsh, and sickness wracked the tribes of the plains, Kojiro and his son helped feed the tribe with their skill.

As he reached his forty-eighth winter, Kojiro’s tribe was ravaged by a wasting plague that killed more than half of them. From his own family, it took his wife and all his children. Only Koru’s daughter, Kyoshi, survived.

After the plague ran its course, Kojiro was left with the burden of leading his much diminished tribe. The sorrow of that winter was alleviated by the arrival of a great-grandchild, as Kyoshi gave birth to a son, Kenji. With the happiness of a much younger man, Kojiro redoubled his efforts to provided for this family and tribe.

Though his bones ached, he lead many hunts the following year, and the tribe grew in numbers as wanderers joined them. While these wanderers would often bring stories of violence in the lands around them, Kojiro was confident that he could keep them hidden in the forests from the more aggressive tribes and monstrous creatures now roaming the lands.

After some time, he handed off the position of hunt-leader to his daughter’s husband, and took up fletching in the camp. To him, it seemed that the harsh times might soon be over, and he could rest in his old age.

Another hunter, Akuya, who had joined the tribe only recently, felt slighted that he had not been chosen as hunt-leader. While out hunting alone one day, Akuya met a Noriaki hunting party and was impressed by their skill. Akuya betrayed the location of Kojiro’s tribe to the Noriaki in exchange for a position in their tribe.

The Noriaki attack came in the dead of night. Kojiro was awoken by a dream of fire and death; a product of his natural foresight. As the first screams rent the air, Kojiro looked out through the flap in his family’s yurt and saw the warriors charging through the camp. He quickly lead his granddaughter’s family away into the dark, but before they reached the forest a pack of four Noriaki set upon them.

His family fought their attackers, and Kojiro was even able to stab Akuya in the struggle. When the last Noriaki of the pack fell to Kojiro’s knife, Kyoshi and her husband were dead. Gathering up Kenji, he fled into the night as the Noriaki finished off what was left of his tribe.

In the following weeks, Kojiro made his way to Seppun Hill. He had heard that the tribe there was peaceful, and hoped that there would be a place for him and Kenji there. After meeting with Akagi and his wife, the Seppun made a place for the two survivors in their tribe. Now, Kojiro hunts to provide for this new tribe, hoping that it will be a safe place for Kenji to grow.

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