Venerable Hunter

Ring Physical Trait Mental Trait
Air 2 Reflexes 5 Awareness 2
Earth 2 Stamina 2 Willpower 2
Fire 2 Agility 2 Intelligence 2
Water 3 Strength 3 Perception 3
Void 2

School/Rank: Reflex Hero/1
Insight: 122 Unspent XP: 3 Kharma: 1

Initiative: 7k5 Natural TN/Armored TN: 30/32 Natural Reduction/Armored: 0/1
Attack (Yumi): 9k5 Damage: 5k2
Attack (Spear): 4k2 Damage: 5k2
Attack (Knife): 3k2 Damage: 4k1


  • Archery (Yumi) (4) 9k5
  • Athletics (1) 4k3
  • Defense (1) 5k4
  • Spears (1) 4k2
  • Hunting (2) 4k2
  • Craft: Bowyer (1) 3k2
  • Stealth (1) 3k2
  • Knives (1) 3k2
  • Investigation (1) 4k3

Advantages: Great Potential: Archery, Inner Gift: Foresight, Quick, Jurojin’s Blessing

Disadvantages: Dependent: Great-Grandson, Venerable

Possessions: Leather Armor, hide/fur clothing, travel pack, Yumi, 26 willowleaf arrows, stone spear, stone knife.

Wound Level Total Penalties
Healthy 10 (+0)
Nicked 14 (+3)
Grazed 18 (+5)
Hurt 22 (+10)
Injured 26 (+15)
Crippled 30 (+20)
Down 34 (+40)
Out 38 Dead

A 56 year old hunter. Ancient.
Adventure Log of Kojiro

Technique: You gain a bonus of +1k0 to your Initiative Rolls. When assuming the Attack or Defense Stances, you may move an additional 5 feet per Turn as a Free Action (this can allow you to move farther than your maximum move per Turn). Additionally, you gain +1k0 to Attack Rolls against opponents with a lower Initiative.

Venerable [Physical] (8 Points) – You suffer a penalty of +5 to all Agility and Strength Skill and Trait Rolls.

JuroJin’s Blessing: I gain a +2ko bonus when rolling to resist the effects of a disease or poison. If my character ages to a point where he would normally have to take the “Old” Disadvantage, he does not have to take it. If my character ages to a point where he would have to take the “Venerable” Disadvantage, he instead only takes the “Old” Disadvantage.

Stringing my bow is a Simple Action.

Initiative goes up by Reflexes when I am not first in Initiative. Cumulative.


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