The Fortunes are kami who inhabit the world and have the ability to affect reality and the lives of people. There are many different Fortunes who range in power and importance and are usually tied to a specific concept or concern. Fortunes are divided into Great and Minor Fortunes. Each fortune, like all kami, have a beneficial and wrathful aspect. Worship of the Fortunes is important in order to appease them and spare the people their wrathful aspects. Each human tribe usually worships one or two of the Fortunes, and the following list is not exhaustive. Thousands of fortunes exist, the ones below are simply the most common.

Great Fortunes

  • Benten – Fortune of Romantic Love
  • Bishamon – Fortune of Strength
  • Daikoku – Fortune of Wealth
  • Ebisu – Fortune of Honest Work
  • Fukurokujin – Fortune of Wisdom and Mercy
  • Hotei – Fortune of Contentment
  • Jurojin – Fortune of Longevity

Minor Fortunes

  • Ekibyogami – Fortune of Plague and Pestilence
  • Emma-O – Fortune of Death and Judge of the Dead
  • Hachiman – Fortune of Battle
  • Hamanari – Fortune of Fish and Generous Meals
  • Haruhiko – Fortune of Fishermen
  • Hikora – Fortune of Oak
  • Hofukushu – Fortune of Vengeance
  • Hujokuko – Fortune of Fertility
  • Inari – Fortune of Rice and Good Grain
  • Isora – Fortune of the Seashore
  • Jikoju – Fortune of the East Wind
  • Kaze-no-kami – Fortune of Wind
  • Kenro-ji-jin – Fortune of Soil
  • Kobiru-Tadashiko – Fortune of Understanding
  • Komoku – Fortune of the West Wind
  • Kuroshin – Fortune of Agriculture
  • Kyufoki – Fortune of Earthquakes
  • Musubi-no-Kami – Fortune of Marriage
  • Nagiroko-to – Fortune of Compassion and Forgiveness
  • Natsu-Togumara – Fortune of Travel and Experience
  • Nagiroko-to – Fortune of Compassion and Forgiveness
  • Suitengu – Fortune of the Sea
  • Tamon – Fortune of the North Wind
  • Toyouke-Omikami – Fortune of Grain
  • Yama-no-Kami – Fortune of Stone
  • Zocho – Fortune of the South Wind


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